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Descarga Libre Remixed

The Basque-German DJ and musician Mikel Makala and producer, musician and director of Gasteiz Big Band, Jimmy Bidaurreta, released in 2019 year the album “Descarga Libre” (Orrua Diskak, 2019).

After a year presenting the work with the band thru some places of Basque geography, and also as DJ thru some European cities like Brussels, Paris, London, Bordeaux, Barcelona & Madrid, then it was time to release the next album “Descarga Libre Remixed” (Orrua Diskak, 2020).

A variety of musicians, DJs and producers from different corners of world, have produced a list of remixes from the original repertoire, people like Kosta Kostov from Bulgaria, Rui Fradinho from Portugal, Ezequiel Lodeiro from Argentina, Bumbac Joe from Chicago, Miguelito Superstar from Barcelona, Piek from Pamplona, Reykjavik606 from San Sebastian and the same DJ Makala too.

In the beggining of 2020 year, coinciding with the launch of “Descarga Libre Remixed” album, Mikel Makala starts a promotional tour as DJ.

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